Tuesday, April 24, 2012

48 Days Challenge: Day 11

11. Your favorite team?

Team…K! K! K! K!

Why? Because it has Oshima Yuko.
To be honest, I love Old Team K more because they had more variations. Ranged from the babas old ladies like Nonti or Meetan to a rebel teenagers like Oku. From a tough guy girl like Sayaka to Strawberry-voiced like Chiyuu. And there's Ono, Oku, Masuda Yuka, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Nonaka Misato, Matsubara Natsumi …and I can go on with the list.

Not that I don't like New Team K. Led by a guy girl like Akimoto Sayaka is just awesome. Moreover, it has some smart girls like Matsui Sakiko or Sato Natsuki in the team.
Sakippe plays Chopin

To sum it up Team K = Idiot smarts + Morons. Got it? I hope so :D

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