Friday, April 13, 2012

48 Days Challenge: Day 3

3. Who was the first member to gain your attention?

Oshima Yuko

She caught my attention in Sakura no Hanabiratachi PV. I was like "Hey who's the girl with the short hair? She's cool!". I didn't know her name at the moment and didn't care to look it either. The next time was when I saw her name in the cast of "Watashi Ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu". It's funny that I disliked her at first. I was like "Kiii...Why a girl with puffy eyes and squirrel-like teeth has to act with fabulous Karina and Yuriko!?". Being an idol, moreover, an AKB48 member, made me doubt her acting talent. But, to my surprise, her acting was decent.

Then I found out that people said she has the different personality in real life. "There's no way that Mako (her character in WataRen) resembles Yuko in real life" they said. "Yuko is a pervert and a joker etc etc". Then I watched "Tonneruzu no Minnasan no Okagedeshita" and seeing her finishing a plate of curry was beyond adorable. Then I watched "AKBingo!" and, yeah, you know the rest :3

BGM: Kimi no Koto Ga Suki Dakara - AKB48
Company: Calpico Soda & Cheetos Roasted Corn


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